The Triangle LN01A Active Wireless Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker

A compact pair of active connected speakers with rich sound and sophisticated design.

The LN01A combines great sound quality and easy to use technology, the active wireless speaker provides high quality sound with minimal wiring. They’re ideal for a bookshelf or desk to bring music alive when you’re home working or relaxing.

With a wide range of inputs including RCA, AUX, Optical, Phono, and Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP aptX, the LN01A can be used to play music from almost any device.

Bluetooth: Connecting your device wirelessly has never been so easy with the LN01A. With the addition of the remote, users can change tracks, adjust the volume, play, and pause without using the connected device. (I’d say phone or tablet instead of ‘device’)

Vinyl: Simply connect your turntable with built in phone stage directly to the phono input on the back of each speaker for instant use.

Audio-Video: Connect your TV, CD player or any other device using the dedicated optical/RCA input and enjoy great stereo sound with bigger and wider sound than most soundbars.

The LN01A comes in a range of colours including Aubergine, Blue, Chestnut, Light Oak, Linen Grey, Black, Green and White.

© Julien Fernandez

Accessories : (Included)

Each speaker unit is powered by 50W Class D amplifiers incorporating individual bass and treble settings for fine tuning as well as a remote control for easy access.

1 x power cord

1 x 3 meter speaker cable to connect the amplified speaker to the passive one.

1 x remote control for source selection, volume control and track scan in Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, and tone adjustment.

Availability: The LN01A Speakers are now available in 8 finishes at £439.

For photography or review samples, please contact

High-resolution gallery below (view each image, click ‘i’ and View Full Size for print quality images).

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